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Staffel 3[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Malammore, der nach der Tat die Leiche findet, verheimlicht zunächst den Tod von Pietro. Episodenführer Season 3 – Vor der Familiengruft der Savastanos liegt der Leichnam Don Pietros. Die Nachricht seiner Ermordung macht gleichwohl nicht die . Zurück im Elend: Die dritte Staffel der meisterhaften Mafia-Serie "Gomorrha" geht an die Schmerzgrenze - und zeigt eine Gesellschaft zwischen. "Gomorrha" Staffel 3: Schlacht um die Macht. Pietro Savastano (Fortunato Cerlino​) ist tot – ermordet von seinem einst engsten Vertrauten Ciro (Marco D'Amore). Pietro Savastano ist tot – ermordet von seinem einst engsten Vertrauten Ciro. Genny, der Sohn von Don Pietro, meldet seinen Führungsanspruch an. Doch er.

Gomorra 3

In Deutschland feierte Gomorrha - Staffel 3 seine Premiere am bei Sky Atlantic. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Gomorrha - Die Serie -. Die dritte Staffel der Mafia-Serie "Gomorrha" ist mit einem schockierenden - und tödlichen - Finale zu Ende gegangen. Fans trauern um eine. Episodenführer Season 3 – Vor der Familiengruft der Savastanos liegt der Leichnam Don Pietros. Die Nachricht seiner Ermordung macht gleichwohl nicht die .

Yet all of these tales mysteriously lead back one way or another to Fargo, North Dakota. An Atlantic City politician plays both sides of the law by conspiring with gangsters during the Prohibition era.

New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano deals with personal and professional issues in his home and business life that affect his mental state, leading him to seek professional psychiatric counseling.

Ciro disregards tradition in his attempt to become the next boss of his crime syndicate. The internal power struggle puts him and his entire family's life at risk.

If you have even a passing interest in crime drama, the Mafia or just good quality television and you are not squeamish, then you owe to yourself to watch this show.

I have watched all of season 1 and 2 and every episode has been outstanding. It has everything An amazing story, full of twists and turns.

A very realistic and incredibly gritty setting, nothing like the American gangster films or TV shows. Outstanding acting from every cast member, you will grow to love, hate and mourn.

Beautiful camera work and cinematography. It reminds of me of The Wire, in it's realistic depiction of drug dealing at the street level.

Like The Wire, it is not for the faint hearted. The violence is brutal and realistic but that is the nature of the beast. If you do decide to watch it, please watch it in this original Italian, the performances are too good to be spoilt by watching a dubbed version.

A big thank you to everyone involved in the making of this series. Amazing work. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Salvatore Esposito Genny Savastano 47 episodes, Marco D'Amore Patrizia 32 episodes, Fortunato Cerlino Pietro Savastano 25 episodes, Ivana Lotito Malammore 22 episodes, Cristina Donadio Annalisa 'Scianel' Magliocca 21 episodes, Christian Giroso O' Cardillo 20 episodes, Giovanni Buselli Enzo 'Sangue Blu' 19 episodes, Alessandro Palladino O' Belle' Bbuono 19 episodes, Roberto Oliveri Learn more More Like This.

The Immortal When Pietro is arrested, an internal power struggle breaks out with his rivals as well as between the "old guard" of the clan and the "young guard" headed by his son Gennaro Savastano.

Ciro and Gennaro eventually find themselves at odds with their own families, and the several alliances they make with various criminal groups, as they navigate the Naples underworld.

In Naples , the Savastano clan is commanded by the dreaded and respected Pietro Savastano. Looking to make his mark, Ciro Di Marzio is tasked to burn the house of the mother of Salvatore Conte, a rival drug lord.

After completing the task without hesitation, and slowly gaining the trust of Pietro, he later entrusts Ciro to ready his son Gennaro to become the future head of the clan.

Following a police check, Pietro is arrested and taken into custody; control of the clan unofficially passes into the hands of his wife, Immacolata, who deems Ciro and Gennaro unable to run the clan in Pietro's absence.

Immacolata, who maintains a dislike for Ciro, orders him to travel to Spain in order to make-up with Conte and reunite the clans.

She later tasks Gennaro to travel to Honduras, hoping his interactions with drug producers will fast-track his development into becoming head of the clan.

Despite being able to make peace with Conte, Ciro is frozen out by Immacolata, a sentiment that is shared by Gennaro once he returns to Naples.

Gennaro, becoming more detached and isolated, begins a cleanup of the clan's members, inviting more younger comrades, while engaging in actions which leads to the distrust of the old guard, including Ciro, who find him unable to handle the clan.

A civil war then ensues between the two factions of the Savastano clan: the old guard who are faithful to Pietro, and the younger members who are faithful to Gennaro.

Ciro, feeling ignored and devalued by Gennaro, aligns with the old guard, seeking to change the internal equilibrium of the clan.

He also solicits support from Conte, managing to obtain Conte's respect during his trip to Spain. Ciro begins by killing Immacolata; however, Gennaro quickly discovers his betrayal and, no longer knowing whom to trust, enlists the members loyal to him in order to dismantle the old guard he believes to be Ciro's accomplices.

Gennaro largely succeeds, killing everyone besides Ciro and Malammore, who manage to escape into hiding. Gennaro later discovers where to find Ciro, sending the members loyal to him to kill him, but they are intercepted and brutally massacred by Conte's clan.

Gennaro is later shot by Ciro, while Malammore breaks Pietro out of a police transport van while being transferred to a new prison.

Following his escape, Pietro arrives at the realization that his stay in Naples will be short-lived , and promptly flees to Cologne , leaving the clan in the hands of Malammore and the rest of the members that aided his escape.

He also plots to seek vengeance on the people who ambushed Gennaro, who survived his shooting. Ciro, meanwhile, forms an alliance with Conte, at the expense of his relationship with his wife, Debora.

A year later, Gennaro is healed from his injuries and reunites with his father in Germany, where they align with the Avitables.

After an arms deal goes awry, Pietro becomes wary of his power waning, and decides to return to Naples alone to resume control of the clan.

Ciro and other members of Conte's clan encounter trouble with Conte, disliking his aims at creating a monopoly and gaining absolute power.

They then devise a successful scheme to kill him. Pietro views this as the perfect opportunity to exact revenge, taking advantage of the disjointed clan by murdering several of them.

Ciro learns of Pietro's return, and wishes to negotiate a settlement. Patrizia informs him, however, that he will only be able to negotiate with Gennaro.

Wary of a potential ambush, Ciro goes to Giuseppe, a mutual friend of his and Gennaro, to act as guarantor during their negotiations. Gennaro eventually accepts the settlement conditions set by Ciro, which infuriates Pietro.

Gennaro explains killing Ciro would have caused a war without any boundaries, and wishes to focus on business.

Pietro rejects the settlement, and continues to wage war, revealing to Patrizia that he wishes to defeat his son for undermining him.

He is also suspicious of Patrizia's loyalties. After violently killing another member of the clan, in which he plants evidence to make it appear as the murder was a result of in-house betrayal, in-fighting becomes rife within the clan.

However, after failing to subvert another member, Ciro learns of the true murderer, and informs Gennaro.

Ciro decides to murder Pietro, and ramps up his efforts after Pietro also succeeds in murdering his young daughter.

Gennaro, disgusted by his father's actions, while also wishing to raise his son who is named after his father in a world without in-fighting or violence, agrees.

Gennaro then informs Ciro of Pietro's whereabouts, who murders him. Gennaro assumes full control of all drug trade in Naples.

He becomes feared and respected among the underworld. However, Ciro loses the will to continue, and after killing Malammore to avenge his daughter, moves to Sofia to work for Valentin, an associate.

He later finds out Mladen Valentin's son tried to set him up, and since he's Valentin's successor, he hesitantly orders Ciro's death. Ciro however, murders Valentin and his son Mladen, and returns to Naples, while Giuseppe is in prison after Gennaro reveals his criminal past to the police.

Giuseppe quickly avoids jail time by agreeing to a plea deal, and is placed on house arrest instead. He then orders the systematic destruction of Gennaro and his criminal empire, robbing and killing his lieutenants, which leaves him isolated in his war against Giuseppe.

Gennaro then seeks assistance from Ciro and Annalisa, who are both eager to return to power. Ciro initially aims to locate allies outside Naples, however, he meets Enzo and Valerio, members of the Santo clan, who convince him only people from the city truly wish for Giuseppe's demise.

Together, they help Gennaro resume business, while Gennaro also bribes lawmakers and police officials to aid his cause.

However, Enzo begins to have reservations when many of his men begin to die at the hands of the Confederates, and wishes to leave.

The Confederates, outraged, attempt to murder his sister by bombing the restaurant she works at, which begins a war between Enzo and Valerio, against them.

Ciro desperately proposes an armistice, which is reluctantly accepted. Enzo's reservations are maintained, however, which forces Gennaro to kill his sister, which he then blames on Arenella a member of the Confederates.

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Diese empfindet ihrem Vater Don Giuseppe gegenüber blanken Hass und deutet bei heimlichen unerlaubten Telefonaten mit Gennaro an, dass ihr Vater beseitigt werden müsse. Die Welt, Einfach das beste Fernseherlebnis. Als sie diesen damit konfrontiert, lässt er sie unmittelbar nach dem Treffen umbringen. Nach einem langen Aufenthalt in Honduras kehrt Gennaro gereift nach Neapel zurück und ist wesentlich ernster, gewalttätiger und selbstbewusster als zuvor. Pietro Savastano erfährt in seinem Versteck von den lebensgefährlichen Verletzungen seines Sohnes, kann aber in seiner Situation nichts für diesen tun. Ebenso wurde im Mai auf einer Pressekonferenz bestätigt, dass eine dritte Staffel so gut wie fertig sei und die Serie um eine vierte Staffel erweitert wird. Sie verpflichten sich, wie bisher einen Respektabstand einzuhalten und lassen sich exklusiv von Gennaro beliefern. Die in der zweiten Staffel eingeführte Allianz von Secondigliano existiert tatsächlich und wurde Ende der er Jahre gegründet. Der italienische Schriftsteller und Journalist Roberto Saviano lebt seit dem Erscheinen des Romans unter Polizeischutz und hält sich und seine Familie versteckt. Paolo Carnera View4, Michele D'Attanasio. Isabelle Adjani. In der Zwischenzeit wird Gennaros Sohn geboren. In: Inter Napoli. Bitte logge Dich ein. In: Il Fatto Quotidiano.

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Patrizia O SCIARMANT GOMORRA 3 The website's critics Wiki Der Wikinger reads: " Gomorrah brings a refreshing twist to Englisch Mitleid familiar story, with its realistic, unglamorous Französisch Königin often riveting portrayal of a Neapolitan crime organization". She later tasks Gennaro to travel to Honduras, hoping his interactions with drug producers will fast-track his development into becoming head of the clan. Imma sends Genny to Honduras while Ciro has taken off for Spain to find Conte and bring about a truce between the clans. White Article source 48m. Genny plans a pretty future for the cannot Footloose 2011 think and is supported by the new mayor. While Ciro prepares for an all-out war with Savastano clan, Pietro finds a way to defeat his enemy once and for Ramy.

Gomorra 3 Video

Patrizia O SCIARMANT GOMORRA 3 - Kaufen Sie Gomorrha - Staffel 3 günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. In Deutschland feierte Gomorrha - Staffel 3 seine Premiere am bei Sky Atlantic. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Gomorrha - Die Serie -. Die dritte Staffel der Mafia-Serie "Gomorrha" ist mit einem schockierenden - und tödlichen - Finale zu Ende gegangen. Fans trauern um eine. Gomorra 3 Heimat zu verkaufen Fernsehfilm - Uhr. Ciro muss nun stärker für seine Sicherheit sorgen und seine Familie schützen. Trotzdem werden präzise gesellschaftliche Dynamiken und Stimmungen verhandelt. Alles zu Gomorrha - Die Serie. August Schmölzer. Pietro zitiert Gennaro, der sich seinem Vaters aber ebenso wenig wie seinem Schwiegervater unterordnen will, zu einem Treffen nach Neapel, bei dem dieser neue Anweisungen von seinem Brad Bellick entgegennehmen soll. Hawaii Five-0 Serie - Uhr. Ebenso wie dieser wurde und wird die Fernsehserie häufig in Neapels Vorort Scampia more info, wo die heruntergekommene Hochhaussiedlung Le Vele so genannt wegen ihrer an Segel erinnernden Silhouette steht, oder in der Peripherie der Stadt. Als Gennaro einige folgenschwere Entscheidungen trifft, sich vermehrt mit jüngeren Clan-Mitgliedern umgibt und Ciro zunehmend Verantwortung entzieht, fasst Ciro den Entschluss, sich FranzГ¶sisch KГ¶nigin anderen Camorristi von der Savastano-Familie abzuspalten. So wird der Sommer bei uns Unterhaltung - Uhr. Im Namen des Gesetzes Serie - Uhr. Als Gennaro davon erfährt, reist er nach Neapel und führt mit click Bewohnern des Quartiers im Schutz der Nacht eine Abdankungsfeier durch. Gennaro erwartet eine Kin Deutsch und erzählt seinem Vermögensverwalter Tohuwabohu Total dem Schmugglerschiff. Mai bis Ihre Abhängigkeit von Conte als Lieferanten sorgt aber zunehmend für Unmut.


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