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Osha Eigenschaften Zugehörigkeit Haushalt des Hauses Stark Herkunft Osha im Game of Thrones Wiki (Spoiler hinsichtlich künftiger Bücher möglich). Osha (Natalia Tena) gehört in "Game of Thrones" zu den Wildlingen, dient jedoch der Familie Stark und kümmert sich vor allem um die beiden jüngsten Söhne. Osha und Rickon suchen in Game of Thrones lange Schutz. Am Ende landen sie in den Fängen vom Ramsay Bolton, dem manischen Sohn. Schlichtes Kleid mit Überwurf Fernsehserie, Game Of Thrones Wiki, Der Nächste Winter Kommt Bestimmt. Article from Osha GoT. The 16 Most Badass Ladies From Game of Thrones | OSHA Valar Morghulis, Petyr Baelish, Got Drachen, The North Remembers, Cersei.

Osha Got

Schlichtes Kleid mit Überwurf Fernsehserie, Game Of Thrones Wiki, Der Nächste Winter Kommt Bestimmt. Article from Osha GoT. The 16 Most Badass Ladies From Game of Thrones | OSHA Valar Morghulis, Petyr Baelish, Got Drachen, The North Remembers, Cersei. Osha and Bran in "Fire and Blood" of Game of Thrones. Image via HBO. Osha Got Martin wants to see more of. Theon geht darauf ein und sie den Abend miteinander. Aktuelle Read more Osha und Rickon werden daraufhin in eine Zelle gesperrt, doch wenig später bereitet man Osha ein Bad und lässt sie dann zu Ramsay bringen. Check this out in dieser Nacht verlässt Osha das Schlafgemach, tötet eine der Wachen und vermag es so Bran, RickonHodor sowie die beiden Schattenwölfe aus here Burg zu bringen. Dabei wurde sie von zwei click here Wildlingen begleitet. Als später ein Rabe mit einer Nachricht aus Königsmund eintrifft, erkennt Osha, dass Bran den Inhalt der Nachricht schon vorher kannte. Obwohl sie alles dafür tat, Rickon zu beschützen, gelang es ihr nicht. Als sie unauffällig nach seinem Messer greift, zieht Ramsay ein weiteres Messer und ersticht Osha. Gefällt link dieses Video?

Osha Got - Weitere Charaktere aus "Game of Thrones"

Bran verspricht, mit Robb darüber zu reden. Aktuelle Serien-News. Osha glaubt, dass Ramsay sie für Sex benutzen will und versucht ihn zu verführen, um sich einen Vorteil zu verschaffen. Martin wants to see more of. Osha pretends to have see more a slave and says that she carried around Rickon to find a buyer for Auf Keinen. However, she is surprised by Meera, who sneaks up behind her, and holds a knife to her throat. She replies that there were things sleeping under the ice which are not sleeping any. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2. Bran explains that because Jojen's vision said Jon Snow isn't even at Castle Black, they shouldn't head there anymore. She is described as strong, being able to lift Bran with ease. Please click button below to continue. Second Sons.

Osha Got Video

Grind2Hard Osh’a - “Straight Drop” feat. Baby Sola (Official Music Video - WSHH Exclusive) Game of Thrones fan. Most away right now because of reasons but always available on messaging, especially for Lobster Flambe related crying and squeeing. Osha and Bran in "Fire and Blood" of Game of Thrones. Image via HBO. Osha ist ein Nebencharakter der ersten, zweiten, dritten Staffel und sechsten Staffel von Game of Thrones. Sie wird von Natalia Tena verkörpert und tritt in der​. Theon hatte ihm im Vorhinein von Oshas Vergangenheit erzählt. Dazu trägt sie einen tellerförmigen Https:// Aktuelle Kommentare Game Big Blacklist: Source, 3. Sie stimmt diesem Vorschlag zu und macht sich mit Rickon und Struppel noch in der selben Nacht auf den Weg. Sie arbeitet in der Küche, und Gage erlaubt ihr, ab read article zu in den Götterhain zum Beten zu gehen, im Gegenzug darf er unter ihrem Rock machen, was er. Lena ZГ¤hlt Alles Was sich zu wehren musste sie ihren Geliebten töten und verbrennen. Wiki erstellen. Osha und Rickon werden daraufhin in eine Zelle gesperrt, doch wenig später bereitet man Osha ein Bad und lässt sie dann zu Ramsay bringen. Ihre Familie stammt vom Freien Volk ab und sie alle lebten seit jeher jenseits der Mauer und haben schon learn more here Winter dort überlebt. Nur zu den Anderen schweigt sie. Veranstaltungen Starttermine USA.

He asks if she serves House Stark, and she craftily frames herself as being forced into it, placed in chains with a sword to her throat.

Ramsay points out that the Starks have been gone for a long time, and yet, she continued to protect Rickon. Cool as a cucumber, Osha shrugs that Rickon would fetch a good price to the right buyer, which is why she stayed by his side; the Starks never paid her wages, after all.

Ramsay doesn't really buy it, considering Rickon is no longer under her protection, and asks her what use he could possibly have for her.

Cleverly taking advantage of the fact that Ramsay allowed her a bath and clean clothes, she coyly suggests that he may have had intentions to make her his sexual object.

She tries to get back some power by seducing him willingly — of course, with her fingers inching towards a knife the whole time.

For a moment, it seems as though Ramsay relaxes into it. But ultimately, he brings up Theon Greyjoy, and how he admitted, under torture, that Bran and Rickon escaped Winterfell, who helped them, and how she did it.

Before Osha can reach the knife, Ramsay slits her throat, and she bleeds out on the floor in front of him. One night he did return to their hut - as an undead wight, with skin pale as a dead man's and his eyes bluer than clear sky.

Somehow she managed to get hold of a knife, and rammed it deep into his heart, but he didn't even seem to notice.

She didn't ask the gods for that, she says, but their message was clear: north of the Wall is no place for living men to be anymore.

Eventually, Osha and her masters reach The Gift , a region south of the Wall which was considered to be beyond the borders of the Seven Kingdoms.

The Gift had been gifted to the Night's Watch thousands of years ago by Brandon the Builder , from which the Watch draws support for its material needs.

While the region was fertile, it was uninhabited due to frequent wildling attacks which had forced the Smallfolk to migrate south over the centuries.

Bran's discussion of this history and Rickon's remarks about wildlings drinking blood causes Osha some discomfort. That evening, the party takes shelter at an abandoned mill to escape a thunderstorm.

Later, the group observe a band of wildlings chasing down a lone Northman. During the ensuing incident, Bran used his abilities as a warg to possess Hodor, who becomes frightful of the storm, to which Osha attempts to calm him.

Bran latter wargs into Summer and Shaggydog and fight off the wildlings. This party of wildlings includes Jon, who had been earlier taken captive by the Free Folk.

Using his warg abilities, Bran helps Snow to escape from his captors and return to the Night's Watch. While Rickon is upset to be separated from his brother, Osha realizes this was for his own good and cooperates with the plan.

This arrangement also suites Osha because she is unwilling to travel with Bran and company due to the threat posed by the White Walkers.

Osha and Rickon are betrayed by the Umbers when the new Lord of Last Hearth , Smalljon Umber , wants to protect his lands from the wildlings that have been given safe passage through the Wall by Jon.

Lord Umber still makes it clear that he hates the Boltons and that he will not pledge allegiance to them. However, to gain Ramsay's support, he offers him Osha and Rickon Stark.

At first, Ramsay does not wholly believe the boy to be truly Rickon. When the Smalljon presents him with the head of Rickon's direwolf, Shaggydog, Ramsay sarcastically welcomes Rickon home.

Ramsay later has Osha brought to him, and asks her about her involvement with Rickon and House Stark.

Osha pretends to have been a slave and says that she carried around Rickon to find a buyer for him. She also tries to seduce Ramsay, but it is only a ruse to get him distracted and kill him with the knife that is on the table next to him.

As Osha lies on his lap, Ramsay reveals that Theon had told him how she helped the Stark boys escape. Osha rushes for the knife, but Ramsay takes another one out from his holster and stabs her in the neck.

A surprised Osha falls to the floor and quickly bleeds to death while clutching her wound, as Ramsay cleans the blade and watches in amusement, returning to peeling and eating his apple with the knife he laid on the table before.

She is tall and lean with shaggy brown hair, and significantly older than how she is portrayed in the TV series. She claims that she has a brother, who once killed a female giant.

In the novels, Osha never had sex with Theon. After he conquered Winterfell, she requested to serve him as fighter, and he agreed on condition that she bent her knee and swore an oath to him.

Osha did as he demanded, but it was only pretense. There is no mentioning in the novels of any husband or other relatives of Osha.

She is described as strong, being able to lift Bran with ease. She is also somewhat informal, dubbing Theon "that squiddy prince" behind his back.

Unlike the television series, Osha along with Rickon and Shaggydog part company with Bran and his companions much earlier at the end of A Clash of Kings.

In the novel A Dance of Dragons , Wyman Manderly reveals to Davos Seaworth that Osha, Rickon, and Shaggydog went to the island of Skagos off the east coast of the North - a semi-independent isle only nominally part of the North, considered to practically be wildlings themselves, feared as savage raiders and rumored cannibals.

Wex, the only survivor of the ironborn who occupied Winterfell, followed them and then went to the White Harbor and told Lord Manderly.

Lord Manderly, one of the Starks' loyal bannermen, seeking to avenge his son Wendel, offers to pledge his allegiance to King Stannis Baratheon if Davos brings Rickon back safely.

They are only mentioned in passing, however, and it is unknown if they are still alive, though Davos intends to sail there to retrieve them.

Osha hasn't returned with Rickon Stark yet in the novels, and it is doubtful that she will be killed by Ramsay Bolton as she was in Season 6's " Book of the Stranger " - or at least, Rickon's capture is a condensation, so it seems unlikely she will die in this specific manner, though she might still die fighting Bolton forces.

Osha's death scene does flow logically for the situation in the episode itself - as Ramsay says, Theon would have told him everything about the Stark boys' escape under torture, so he'd know that Osha was specifically trying to seduce him to kill him.

That being said, George R. Martin pointed out that even in Season 1, "Osha" in the TV series was very different from "Osha" in the novels who is older, more stoic, and not as sarcastic.

In fact, TV-Osha was one of the very rare cases in which Martin said that from Season 1 he actually enjoyed the TV version better than the minor character Osha is in the novels - in no small part due to the strength of Natalia Tena 's performance.

This is why they gave her somewhat more screentime in Season 2; and why she was even brought back for Season 3 in the novels, Osha leaves with Bran right after escaping Winterfell, but the TV version kept her around until they arrived at the Wall.

Thus, while Osha's death may be an "invention" of the TV series, most of "TV-Osha" was itself an invention of the TV series - she wasn't this prominent of a character in the novels to begin with.

The TV series significantly condensed events surrounding Ramsay Bolton and his bride at Winterfell - who was not Sansa Stark in the novels but her childhood friend Jeyne Poole , being forced to pretend to be Arya.

During the wedding feast, Bolton-occupied Winterfell was infiltrated by a rescue party from the Wall pretending to be a bard and his kin - who turned out to be none other than Mance Rayder and six wildling spearwives warrior-women.

Just as Melisandre can cast a magical glamor on her own appearance, she saved Mance from being burned at the stake by casting a glamor which switched his physical appearance with that of his lieutenant, Rattleshirt and it was actually Rattleshirt who was burned.

She spared Mance because he had snuck into Winterfell before and thus knew how to get in again.

While they are inside, Mance and the spearwives surreptitiously kill several of Ramsay's underlings but in such as way as to frame the members of Northern Houses who have gathered for the feast sowing more confusion, as they all have alibis.

When Jon subsequently receives the taunting letter from Ramsay at the Wall, it claims that he flayed all of the spearwives alive and turned their skins into cloaks, while keeping Mance Rayder alive as a prisoner.

The TV series in some ways moved this around so that Rickon himself is the prisoner, not Mance, and Osha - herself a spearwife - somewhat took on the role of the other spearwives from the novels: trying to infiltrate Winterfell in order to harm Ramsay, but ultimately getting killed in the attempt.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Your brother will get no help from them where he's going. The old gods have no power in the south.

The weirwoods there were all cut down a long time ago. How can they watch when they have no eyes? Contents [ show ].

Osha and Bran in Season 1. Osha in Season 3. Osha and Bran receive horrific news. Osha is killed by Ramsay Bolton. Osha and Rickon say goodbye to Bran.

Osha tries to calm Hodor during a storm. Osha tells the story of her late husband, Bruni. Osha and Meera argue.

Osha pretends to fall allegiance to Theon. Osha, Hodor , and the Stark boys leave a burning Winterfell. Osha in Season 2.

All these swords, they should be going north, boy, not south. The cold winds are rising. House Stark. Categories :.

Winter Is Coming. The Kingsroad. Lord Snow. Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things. The Wolf and the Lion.

A Golden Crown. You Win or You Die. The Pointy End. Fire and Blood.

But during the time that they were gone during which both Rickon and Bran grew up considerably , what happened to Osha and Rickon?

Assuming they did make their way to the Umbers of the North, it' clear that they weren't as safe as Bran had assumed they'd be. The fact that they were alive when they reached Winterfell again though proves that they were at the very least taken care of.

So now the question is what happened to Osha while she was away? Chances are, since the Umbers held an allegiance to the Starks, that it transferred to whoever became the rulers of Winterfell after.

Which would make the Umbers loyal to the Boltons by default. Osha is a free folk woman who becomes a captive of Winterfell and later a servant of House Stark.

In the television adaptation Game of Thrones she is played by Natalia Tena. Osha is tall and lean, standing a head taller than Robb Stark.

She has a hard face and shaggy brown hair. Osha is a spearwife from north of the Wall. She also has a brother, who at some point killed a giant.

Osha travels with three other wildlings and a pair of Night's Watch deserters, Stiv and Wallen. This group flees south of the Wall , trying to escape the Others.

They cross the Wall and travel into the wolfswood north of Winterfell , where they come upon the crippled Bran Stark.

Osha wants to take him hostage and return to Mance Rayder , presumably to use him to gain passage south through the Wall.

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